Did you eat too much today? Use Acupressure at home to help relieve that bulging belly!

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Food is our first line of therapy. It can help keep you healthy and aid in relieving many of the issues and diseases many of us battle daily. But on a day like Thanksgiving, we can’t help but feast on a delicious, hearty (and sometimes not so healthy!) meal amongst friends and family. Overeating savory and sweet dishes can damage the Spleen (SP) and Stomach (ST) functions and cause food retention in the Stomach, leaving you feeling bloating, exhausted and uncomfortable.
But why?
The Theory:
Spleen: “Rules transformation and transportation”
Stomach: “The sea of food and fluid”
Main Functions
– Primary organ responsible for digestion
-Extracts pure nutritive essence from food which is then used for the production of qi, blood and body fluids
-Transports blood, qi and body fluids through the body
 -Responsible for receiving and ripening ingested food and fluids
-ST qi and fluid decomposes ingested food into materials to be further digested in the small intestine

What damages the Spleen and Stomach functions?

– Poor lifestyle habits including an improper diet (eating too fast or eating while worrying)
-Excess eating of raw foods, raw vegetables, cold salads, processed and refined grains,  white potatoes, sugars, and fried foods
-Constant worry, anxiety and over-thinking
-Too much exposure to a damp environment or damp weather
-A genetic predisposition
-Medications such as prolonged antibiotic and steroid use

How can you tell if you have Food Stagnation?

Signs and Symptoms
Why? What is happening?
-No Appetite
-Fullness/Distension of Epigastrium (Relieved by Vomiting)
Food obstruction in the Stomach prevents Stomach Qi from descending
-Sour Regurgitation
– Nausea & vomiting
-Halitosis (bad breath)
Fermented food in Stomach
Tongue: Thick Coating (white or yellow)
Indicates an Excess condition
Pulse: Full, slippery
Indicated Heat and Food Retention

The good news? You can help reverse it!

While you are sitting watching Football or Christmas movies with family and friends, you can massage specific Acupuncture points on your body to help relive these symptoms.

Check it out!

Subdues rebellious ST qi- especially in the case of food stagnation
Stimulates descending of ST qi, relieves food stagnation
Stimulates descencing of ST qi, regulates the Stomach and stops pain
Eliminates food stagnation, regulates and facilitates intestine function
Resolves stagnant food and clears heat, eliminates fullness, promotes digestion
Resolves stagnant food and calms mind
Stimulates descending of Stomach Qi, harmonizes the Stomach
Resolves stagnant food, Soothes the stomach
 stomach points


Massage these points by rubbing the area with your index finger or thumb. You can push on ST45 (near the toenail bed) using your fingernail to stimulate the point.

You can also try these Abdominal Massage Techniques to stimulate your Stomach points and help relieve food stagnation symptoms:

We hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

The AcuPUNKture Team

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