What can I expect?

Initial Visit:
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now doing initial health history intakes via a 30 minute private phone call. Our Licensed Acupuncturist will call you on your scheduled intake day and after agreeing to a short Telehealth verbal consent, they will ask you questions regarding your health history.  This form will help give us background information on your past and present health, as well as some brief insight into what brings you into the clinic.
Once you have completed the intake you can book your first treatment. When you arrive for your first in person acupuncture session,  you will sign your health history intake, HIPPA consent, cancellation policy and our COVID-19 consent waiver prior to starting the treatment.
A Private Consultation will determine your areas of concern. A full one hour session will follow your initial intake and you will be given a treatment plan following your session.
Initial Appointment| 90 mins: 30 minute private phone intake and 1 hour in person treatment to follow at a later date
Follow-up Treatment | 60 minutes
First Treatment Paperwork: Health History Form

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