Donations requested: Our friend Karrie needs help with medical travel!


Read Karries’s Full story and Donate HERE

After a 3+ year long battle, Our good friend Karrie received word yesterday that she has FINALLY been accepted to be a patient  with DUKE and  is being expedited due to the severity and rare complications she is experiencing. She has been tentatively scheduled to travel November 29-December 4th. The current wait to be seen at Duke is 6 months to a year so this just gives you a tiny glimpse as to how severe her condition is- but if you have the time to read her full story, I’ve outlined it below.

Karrie has worked extra hard to jump through every insurance and beurocratic  hoop and has finally received word that insurance will cover her Out of network cost of treatment and copays which is amazing, however she still needs financial help for travel etc.

In order for her to go to Duke and get the procedures and extensive testing she needs, she will have to travel, arrive early due to Covid, stay close to the hospital for several days after the procedures and lie completely flat to give her body the best chance to heal. Her boyfriend , who will still need to work to continue to support their family and living expenses back home, will need to do so from the hotel will she undergoes treatment and testing.  

It was also advised she lie completely flat during her travel and will need a minimum of 8 weeks to recover where she will not be able to bend, lift or twist her spine in any way. 

We are working to try to find medical travel for her, hotel accommodations, and care for her dog. Any donations will go directly to helping fund Karrie’s trips back and forth as they suspect she will need to be seen at Duke multiple times in the upcoming months in addition to her care team here. I want to make sure that they can still pay rent and have a home to come back to once her surgeries and treatments are complete.

Thank you so much for reading this far. Please share this with your communities and if you are able to donate even a few dollars, any little bit helps.

Below is her entire story for those who have the time to read it ❤

Thank you so much
Crystal Meyers- Farnsworth, LAc., and Friend