GoFundMe for Karrie’s Spinal Surgeries


Hi all, I know we are all struggling right now in our own ways but please please please if you have a few minutes in your day today, read through Karrie’s latest update in her battle for her life back: https://gofund.me/a99af7e0

After years of suffering she has finally been diagnosed with not one but FOUR rare illnesses and now she is looking at two major spinal surgeries. No neurosurgeons in MA are willing to even touch her due to the severity and risks of her conditions and the 4 specialists located in various states across the country will not work with her insurance. She would need to buy a PPO plan for over $700/month and even then she will owe coinsurance on any surgeries that will run her easily over $50,000.

If you can contribute even a few dollars or share with your communities and friends I am forever grateful. Karrie is an amazing friend and client and no one deserves to suffer as she has: https://gofund.me/a99af7e0

There is a youtube link to a video at the top of this update that will show you what Karrie has been living with for so long now and really shows just how necessary these surgeries are for her to live a ‘normal’ life.

Thank you for your time and support! Stay safe and well.

Crystal Meyers- Farnsworth, LAc., and Friend